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Add  French  to  your  Skills !

30  questions  &  corrections  complètes  :  FAITES  LE  TEST  !

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  • Ensure your pronunciation in French whatever your level is.

  • Develop good habits and be understood every time you
speak French.

    • 20-page PDF from A to Z
    • audio/ MP3 to memorize and repeat correctly
    • examples to put into practice and gain fluidity

Welcome, I’m Cécile and I live in France by the ocean.

I provide you with a lot of free content to help you progress in French : immerse yourself at will !

In my training courses, I guide you step by step, focusing on essential knowledge.
A lively, simple and effective method to stay motivated !

Bienvenue, je suis Cécile.

Je vous livre de nombreux contenus pour progresser en français : immergez-vous à volonté !

Dans mes formations, je vous guide pas à pas en privilégiant les connaissances essentielles.
Une méthode vivante, simple et efficace pour rester motivé !

ESSENTIAL  (90 days)

3 pillars to success :
Pronunciation    Vocabulary    Dialogues

next courses opening soon

MASTERING  (90 days)

Master your 3 pillars  +
avoid 50 main errors to become fluent

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